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by Bailey Richert, Business Coach for Beginning + Budding Infopreneurs

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

My 2017 Profit Report details the total income broken down by sources that was earned in my coaching business in 2017 - January through December - as well as total business expenses, so a total profit can be calculated.

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

Though the marketing principles surrounding sales funnels remain the same no matter who is teaching them, sometimes the terminology we coaches use differs from person to person.

The following glossary contains the ultimate list of sales funnel terms and will serve to clarify the definitions of any words you might not know or wish to learn more about when discussing sales funnels.

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

When it comes to the positioning of online courses, infopreneurs need to make decisions and take action that will help guide our potential customers to viewing their courses the way they want them to be perceived.

In this post, I outline 6 ways you can ensure you properly position your course in your niche.

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

Many infopreneurs believe that selling an "All-Access Pass" is the only way to earn revenue from a virtual summit. In fact, there are many more ways than just that!

In this post, I outline 9 ways you can make money hosting a virtual summit.

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

Hosting your own virtual summit can benefit your infopreneur business in a number of ways, including growing your email list, producing revenue, developing influencer relationships, and much more!

In this post, I outline the 5 key ways that hosting a virtual summit can benefit your business.

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

In May 2017, I hosted my annual Infopreneur Summit for the second time. In this post, I outline all the results from that event and the ways it benefited my business, including how many new email subscribers I gained, profit I made and much more.

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

In November 2016, I hosted a 14-day live video series inside my free Facebook group, Infopreneur Community, about launching a virtual summit.

In this post, I've rounded up the 14 tips I shared, including links where the videos can be viewed, and have written out a brief description of each tip.

Blog Post by Bailey Richert

Many infopreneurs who have not hosted their own virtual summit before and are unfamiliar with how they work believe many myths about them based on their own misconceptions.

In this post, I address 10 of those myths and reveal the truth about virtual summits in the hope that an infopreneur looking to elevate their business fast will considering launching their own virtual summit.

Bailey Richert

Hi! I'm Bailey Richert.

I’m a business coach who helps individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.

Free Infopreneur Toolkit

Free Infopreneur Toolkit by Bailey Richert

Download my resources for beginning infopreneurs to learn how to monetize your life experience!


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